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NES toaster is a gaming geek’s kitchen appliance

Gaming industry has received many portable gaming consoles but NES is the most popular of them all. Even after decades, the NES fanboys keep finding ways to bring this retro gaming device to life by transforming it into some useful objects. Some make functional guitar or the others give homage to their favorite consol by making a cool wall clock out of it in order to give their abode a geeky look, but this one undoubtedly looks coolest of them all. MyBurningEyes, who seems an avid gamer to me, over at DeviantArt transforms his old NES console into a functional toaster. He has designed a NES toaster that can prepare toasts for you. The toaster features two slots on the top that can make two toasts at a time.

The NES toaster is surely coolest retro gaming console inspired home appliance till date that is likely to please all gaming geeks. Unfortunately, this is just a concept for now, but this creative project certainly deserves a place at Kickstarter so that it receives an adequate funding to go into production.

Via: HiConsumption

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  1. Mathijs Sterrenburg

    September 14, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Thanks for the feature of my work man, i hope i’ll be able to build it some day 🙂
    Mathijs Sterrenburg


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