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Nessle Cushion by Sarah Hutchinson

Nessle by Sarah Hutchinson is a true companion of lone eaters

London-based product designer and social innovator Sarah Hutchinson has been creating designs that broaden the conceptual look of societal issues. Believing that design can change the way we live, she hopes to be force for good in the world. And with the same thought, she has created an innovative two-part cushion for eating and relaxing around the house.

The young designer addressing the contemporary phenomenon of eating alone has fashioned Nessle cushions, which is an integral part of her Loneeaterd collection. The ultra-modern cushions emphasizing on the habit of eating alone diminish need for any table and sofa.

Set of cushions is designed to create a stable base for eating and resting. According to Hutchinson, the ergonomic design allows cushions to be used as a lounger, small dining table or low stool.

The two-part cushion consists of a moldable top, which is designed to offer stable eating surface, whereas the base is curved to allow users to sit, lay or develop other solidarity habit. Making eating on lap a less clumsy affair, the two parts can be easily locked together like Lego blocks to create a little stool for sitting purpose.

Upholstered by Studio Stelt, Nessle beautifully flaunts high-quality contemporary textile fabric of Kvadrat – Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textile. The minimally designed cushions are a blessing for those who have a habit of solitary dining, plus its multifunctional properties make it a great addition any showbox dweller’s interior.

Nessle Cushion by Sarah Hutchinson

Nessle is specially designed for those having habit of solitary dining

Nessle Cushion by Sarah Hutchinson

Nessle cushions is part of Loneeaters project by Sarah Hutchinson

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