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NightScape Room Divider by Taeg Neshomoto

NightScape room divider with rotating silver and charred patterns

Designer Taeg Nishimoto often uses firewood to create charred texture on wood. The latest creation by Nishimoto is the NightScape room divider that features rotating panels made from charred lumber wood and silver leaf finish. There geometric patterns on the room divider are formed with the combination of both traditional and advanced Japanese technology.

White pine lumber is used because it is the most common construction material, due to its ability to explore both light and texture. For construction, two different lengths of lumber are cut: one piece is 19-inches long and the other one measure 11-inches. Furthermore, both pieces of wood are burnt to create the charred texture and finally covered with protective sealer.

Each piece is drilled with holes to accommodate a metal rod that supports all the wooden pieces vertically together. Two long pieces and two short pieces are combined in form of vertically off-set, and stacked up in zig-zag formation for creating free standing panels. Long pieces at top and bottom are to provide a firm structure, while short pieces are placed in the middle and are free to rotate.

These free moving short wooden pieces can be altered as per your convenience to let appropriate amount of light pass through it. These rotating units move horizontally and appear like a huge lattice pattern, playing with light and shadow. Basically, it acts as a free-standing structure with ever changing spatial arrangements to divide a single room. Moreover, its black and white structure adds classic aesthetic charm into any living space. Check out the images below to see its different configurations.

NightScape Room Divider by Taeg Neshomoto

Room divider made from charred wood and silver leaf finish

NightScape Room Divider by Taeg Neshomoto

The lumer pieces are stacked together to form spatial arrangement

NightScape Room Divider by Taeg Neshomoto

Horizontally moving panels

NightScape Room Divider by Taeg Neshomoto

The movie units can be altered as per your convenience

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