Nikkor alarm clock lens wakes you up with sound of Nikon’s D4 shutter

We have seen some awesome lenses made from portable speakers and humidifiers; we’ve seen some exciting and useful alarm clocks made to wake you up from the deepest of slumber, but this is for the first time we confront a fully-functional alarm clock lens. The alarm clock lens modeled after a Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens is actually going into production and will be given away by Nikon as part of a giveaway in Japan.

Nikkor alarm clock lens

The alarm clock lens wakes you up with sound of the Nikon’s D4 shutter – to turn off the alarm you’d have to flip the lens from AF to MF switch. There are two conditions you’d have to fulfill, if you want to take home the alarm clock lens, one you would have to be in Japan, since only people in Japan are currently eligible to win the lens clock in giveaway and two, you have to prove that you’ve purchased Nikkor lenses previously.

Nikkor alarm clock lens


Via:  PetaPixel 

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