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‘NJ-interiors’ gives sculptural makeover to ordinary door handles

Looking to add some unusually eye-catching appeal to your interior decor? These quirky door knobs and handles are perfect to give sculptural makeover to your home, making your guests look twice as they enter into a room.

Conventional door openers are spherical or elongated and often lack visual appeal. But two young artists Jacopo Candotti and Nicole Valenti from ‘NJ-interiors’ have literally transformed ordinary door knobs and handles into creative sculptural pieces of home decor. Each door handle is one-of-a-kind and made entirely by hand in Italy.

Firstly, the designers draw any imagined object on a piece of paper and after that they bring the two-dimensional sketch into life using wooden or metallic materials. The exclusive line of knobs and handles is made from different kinds of wood like walnut and wenge. Available material is are further turned into various attractive forms such as beak of a bird, tree branch, stone-like figures and other aesthetic layouts. These decorative door units are created especially to provide customers with authentic and high quality objects for residential or commercial buildings.

These extraordinary door handles are available on the designers’ official website ranging from €32 to €525 (approx. US $34 to $554). Outfitting these door accessories in your home will give original appeal to different rooms, and anyone visiting your house will surely be talking about these designer door accessories.

NJ interiors Sculptural Door Handles

Various eye-catching door handles made by NJ-interiors

NJ interiors Sculptural Door Handles

Stone-like door knob structure

NJ interiors Sculptural Door Handles

Artist drawing design of a door handle

NJ interiors Sculptural Door Handles

Unusual door handles are made out of wood and wenges

NJ interiors Sculptural Door Handles

Artistic door handles and knobs

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