Noah Modular Sofa for living

Using Plug-in System, Noah Living Modular Sofa is Configurable in Infinite Ways

It’s 2022, and if you still haven’t moved past your traditional three-sofa set, you need to reconsider a lot of your furniture decisions. Well, I don’t question your favoritism for owning an old school sofa, but lingering over it won’t be an ideal choice. Just like you change gadgets every two to three years, the same philosophy is replicable for furniture as well.

If you are convinced, I would like to shed a little light on the modular sofa by Noah Living furniture brand. Presented by Berlin furniture start-up studio, the modular sofa flexes durability, flexibility, and sustainability.

The sofa features a plug-in system which makes it easier to configure sofa modules into infinite possibilities. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it effortlessly transforms from a two-seater to a three-seater sofa and expands further as per requirement.

It also consumes very little space and is easy to move around just like any other modular furniture set. The body of the furniture is made of an FSC-certified wood frame and powder-coated steel frame while the core is made of natural foam. In addition, the fabric used is washable and dirt-repellant. Boasting form and function, all parts of the sofa can be replaced, bought again, and recycled.

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I am not advocating you to buy this, but having recyclable furniture at home would be a small step in contributing toward the betterment of the planet.

Becoming immensely popular with every passing day, it would be an ideal choice for a living room sofa. It is available on Noah Living’s website starting at €2,999 (roughly $3,400). The sofa won the German Design Award Gold 2021 and even bagged the Iconic award: Innovative Interior 2021.

Noah Modular Sofa

Image: Noah Living

Noah Modular Sofa_4

Image: Noah Living

Noah Modular Sofa_3

Image: Noah Living

Noah Modular Sofa_2

Image: Noah Living

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