Nook Designs Innovative Cardboard Rocking Chair

Jason Conway’s Nook Design is a Canada-based woodworking company that provides personalized custom products. Cardboard rocking chair is their exclusive creation. It’s fully functional and is made entirely of corrugated cardboard which is its unique factor.

Rocking chairs lull anyone into sleep with its tender swaying motion offers faster onset of sleep in comparison to a stationary chair. Rocking chair is good for back problems too, many doctors recommended these chairs to patients with back problems.

The cardboard chair is uniquely designed, and it will provide you the same feel.

Supporting that fact, Conway says,

Over and over again the first words out of the people who sit in it is, it’s really comfortable, and they don’t seem to want to get out!

Cardboard Rocking Chair is handmade and is available in the brown color only. There are only five cardboard chairs made and out them, two have already been sold.

It’s accessible online and ships worldwide. The price of the Cardboard Rocking chair is US$383.

Cardboard chair’s side and back view 

Nook Design rocking cardboard chairs

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