Nostalgia Bacon Grill

Nostalgia BCN6BK Bacon Grill

Nostalgia Bacon Grill introduces you to a new and healthier way of cooking bacon to delicious perfection. The grill is designed to cook up to six strips of bacon in just a few minutes. Simply adjust the timer on the illuminated dialer to your cooking preference, and let the vertical cooking method drain away the fat and grease and cook you the best possible bacon at home.

An ideal gift for a chef at home, the Nostalgia Bacon Grill with its cool touch handles make it very easy to open the doors and view the cooking process. Recommended mainly for use with regular-cut store-bought bacon, the vertical cooking process makes draining away grease easy, which ensures a healthy cooked bacon.

When done cooking, the non-stick cooking plate and insulated door liners of the grill can be removed for easy cleanup. And its size makes sure it doesn’t occupy much space on the countertop. If bacon is what you love, the bacon grill from Nostalgia is a must have in your kitchen.

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