Nixie Tube Clock

Nostalgic Nixie Tube Clock for electrifying home decor

Nuvitron Nixie Tube Clock is retro-inspired device that illuminates to display time. It not only boasts a vintage design, but also houses 30-year-old Nixie tubes that were found in storage in Eastern Europe. The illuminating tubes display numeric red digits to tell time and for adding electrifying touch to home decor.

Paying tribute to the bygone era, the vintage clock consists of teak and cedar body that’s finished with linseed oil. Inside the wooden box, Nixie tubes are placed to create creating an enchanting warm glow. These tubes are meant for 1,000 hours of continuous use, ensuring performance and longevity.

Each handcrafted piece took nearly 30 hours for completion by skilled artisans. Measuring 7.8 x 4.5 x 3.8-inches, the compact clock can be place on a bedside table, end table or your study desk. It is powered by Cold War-era components for the extra touch of authenticity, and its bold design sets it apart from most other desk clocks. Hence, this retro clock would be the perfect addition for those who want a nostalgic decor.

The Art-Deco-inspired clock is available in four models such as 12H time, 24H time, and ambient temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Plus, it comes with a power adapter and a certificate of authenticity. Nixie clock is a limited edition device with a mere 250 going into production, so you need to be quick if you want to get your hands on one.

Buy: $300

Nixie Tube Clock

Nostalgic Nixie Tube Clock

Nixie Tube Clock

30-year-old Nixie tubes are used to display time

Nixie Tube Clock

Exterior is made from teak and cedar

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