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Smart Health Furniure by Nova Lifestyle

Nova Lifestyle’s latest furniture line improves your health

You may have already seen different smart beds to improve your sleep, but what if your bed can examine any possible health issues? To improve your health, US-based furniture company Nova Lifestyle has introduced the latest collection of beds dubbed Smart Health Furniture.

With the help of sensors and electronic technologies, the furniture lineup can automatically examine the user’s blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, weight, body temperature, sleep quality and other physiological conditions while he/she sleeps. After detecting and recording the user’s medical data, it further provides the collected information to your physician so you could take further measures to improve your health.

The company’s chief engineer Shawn Huang said in an interview,

We have extensively researched the trends in the health industry and wanted to capitalize on these trends by creating a new product line that is health-oriented. Nova assembled a team of internationally-renowned experts in the fields of medical science, materials, and electronic science to work on R&D of this line of products over the past two years. Additionally, we are vigorously registering the associated patents for the technology that we have developed through the R&D process.

This is a revolutionary line of furniture that will not only keep track on your sleep, but also improves your overall health condition. The company is planning to distribute this smart furniture in China, United States and Europe. Soon, it will be launched commercially and you’d be able to enjoy its several health benefits at home, without much effort.

Credit: PRNewswire

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