Nova Quadratum shelves

NovaQ converts simple shelves into exciting storage system

A perfect shelving system helps us to store and show off our book collection and other important items. These units manage the space and keep our stuff intact at one place without looking ugly or unnecessary. To help make this decor object of great importance, three young designers Roland Nagy, Nagy Arnold and Joseph Lamb at Hungary-based design studio Nova Quadratum have tried to experiment with simple square and rectangular wooden component assembles and convert them into new and exciting shelving units.

The trio is creating handcrafted shelving systems that give flexibility to decorate wall according to interior requirements. Whether remodeling your home, office, or shop, the NovaQ shelves spice up an interior by becoming a bookshelf or a room divider. Made from wood, the handcrafted shelves are 100 percent waterproof and feature flexible LED lights. Available in various colors, NovaQ gives you flexibility of matching a shelving unit with interior of your living area.

Portability and multifunctionality are couple of high points that make the NovaQ look like an artwork. Once you buy these shelves – that come with a dedicated catalogue to help you pick the perfect design for your room – all you need is join them to create as many shapes as you wish.

Nova Quadratum shelves

Roland Nagy, Nagy Arnold and Joseph Lamb – people behind NovaQ

Nova Quadratum shelves

Made from wood, shelves are lightweight and durable

Nova Quadratum shelves

NovaQ shelving unit comes in flat, square and rectangular shapes

Nova Quadratum shelves

100 percent waterproof feature makes it perfect to be used in bathroom

LED light strip to increase aesthetics of the interior.

LED lights to increase aesthetics of the interior

Nova Quadratum shelves

Available in different colors, units can be assembled to match the interiors

Nova Quadratum shelves

Complement your room with NovaQ fluorescent colored units

Nova Quadratum shelves

NovaQ shelving unit behind the bar

Nova Quadratum shelves

Perfect as display unit in shops

Nova Quadratum shelves

NovaQ can be used as a room divider in home, hotel, or restaurant


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