Obi Smart Laser Toy

Obi is iPhone-controlled laser toy for feline entertainment

If you’re a cat lover, then you may have seen several cat videos online, where felines are found chasing red dots coming straight out of laser pointer toys. Well your cute kitties can chase laser dot for several minutes, but humans might easily get bored of moving the pointer repeatedly. So how to keep your munchkin entertained, even if you’re not home?

Well, the answer is the latest Obi- a smart laser toy by Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt from Studio Neat. It is a playful toy for tech-savvy cat owners and their geeky cats. Obi is a compact device that comes in white or black, with a cork face that helps it to blend naturally into any contemporary interior. Thus, the tiny device also doubles up as elegant home decor object.

However, its major purpose is to project a red laser dot at wall to keep your kitty cheerful. All you need to do is switch it on and it’ll project a small red dot, the kind that cats cannot help but chase. The toy comes with two modes: manual and automatic. In manual mode, the owner gets to control the motion of the dot via their iPhone or iPad.

On the other hand, automatic mode itself moves the laser dot to different directions, ensuring loads of fun time to your grimalkin. Due to its accompanying app, Obi can be programmed to project different patterns like stay within certain boundaries or even to emit a tone to alert your pet to get ready for playing. This is surely a fun and exciting way to engage your furry feline companions.

The project is currently seeking funds on crowdfunding website Kickstarter for initial amount of about $120,000 with 22 more days to go. The designers are planning to retail it for $100, but if you back the project now you can get it for $80. As for now, check out the video given below to see Obi in action.

Obi Smart Laser Toy

This smart laser toy is created by Dan Provost and Tom Gerhardt

Obi Smart Laser Toy

It also doubles as your home decor object

Obi Smart Laser Toy

It can be controlled easily via a companion smartphone app

Via: Cnet

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