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Upgrade Your Cooking With Ocra 5-in-1 Cast Iron Pot That’s Ready for all Adventures

Whether you want to cook steak, fry potatoes, or boil some beans for your chuckwagon journey, Orca Pot does it all for you. The multipurpose cookware is conceptualized to replace five different pans in your home. It functions as a grill pan, frying pot, cooking pot, steaming pot, and of course a Dutch oven.

The entire cookware set includes a Dutch oven, grill pan, steaming plate, glass lid, and a frying basket. The 5-in-1 cast iron multipurpose cooking pot accompanies you, wherever you ramble. Designed to suit user convenience, the pan can even be set on a campfire with a camping pot stand.

Made with premium cast iron, the cooking utensil is a likable alternative to nonstick, stainless steel, and ceramic cookware in the market. The nonstick pans are generally coated with Teflon to make them waterproof and create a nonstick surface, but the coating is often considered toxic for health. 

On the contrary, cast iron cookware like the Orca Pot offers chemical-free methods of preparing food at home. The cast iron structure ensures no chemical is leaching with high heat unlike in those nonstick pans.

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Saving you plenty of time and money, Orca Pot is a multifunctional pan that helps you prepare a range of different recipes. The project is currently being crowd-funded on Indiegogo and is available for preorder starting at $89

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