ODDO architects’ Birdwalk bird feeder is designed for birdwatching

Marek Obtulovic and Mai Lan Chi of ODDO architects have designed an innovative bird feeder, which has an extended ‘catwalk’ ramp. The beautiful Birdwalk bird feeder is designed to observe the recreational activity of birds.

The design of the bird feeder is inspired by a classic birdhouse and Catwalk ramp. The extended ramp from the feeder is where birds can demonstrate their beauty as fashion models do while walking the ramp.

Birdwalking is as exciting as fashion models’ catwalking – you can relish the best birdwatching experience seeing colorful birds walk the ramp of the bird feeder.

Birdwalk birdhouse is elevated on three legs and is made from wooden plies. Along with the ramp, the bird feeder comes complete with a small peeping hole for birds to look outside while eating. This bird feeder could make an ideal choice for your garden, attracting graceful birds that are hard to spot otherwise.

Bird feeder stands on three legs

Inspired by classic birdhouse

Minimalist feeder for little birdies

Small window in the feeder

Catwalk inspired ramp for birds

Inside the bird feeder

Bird feeder by ODDO Architecture

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