Jero Yurt by Trakke

Off-grid Jero yurt assembled together using prefabricated materials

Uula Jero, designer at Scottish firm Trakke, has designed an off-grid Jero yurt inspired from ancient nomadic yurt shelter. Unlike traditional yurt, Jero is made of lightweight prefabricated materials, canvas and marine plywood, with stainless steel hardware and polyester rope. These materials can be assembled together in just two hours by three persons that too without any tools.

The complex shape of each unit are cut using CNC fabrication technique and have ability to form a rigid structure that can withstand any weather. Internally it measures 12-square meter and can be accessed via detachable door. The yurt measures 4-meter in diameter with maximum height of 2.6-meter. Moreover, it is waterproof to protect the inhabitants from rainwater during monsoons.

When folded, the entire structure becomes compact measuring about 1.2 x 08. x 0.5-meter and can fit into trunk of most cars. It can also be towed through a bike or trailer to any desired location for providing you a better and comfortable outdoor experience. For more comfort you can decorate it with useful furniture and rugs. This is a best modern day shelter for luxurious outdoor camping or for forming an outdoor office. It can be purchased online for £4,500 (approx. $7,469).

Jero Yurt by Trakke

The structure of yurt can be held together firmly by polyester rope

Jero Yurt by Trakke

Complex shapes of each unit is made using CNC fabrication technique

Jero Yurt by Trakke

Roof of the Jergo Yurt

Jero Yurt by Trakke

Interior can be made more comfortable using comfy furniture and rugs

Jero Yurt by Trakke

Jero Yurt is waterproof to prevent inhabitants from rain water

Jero Yurt by Trakke

Jero Yurt can be assembled in few hours by two to three persons, without using tools

Credit: Treehugger

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