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Ohio woman turned her garage into bloodthirsty Halloween monster

Some people decorate their house with skeletons and other eerie accessories for Halloween, while others go all out for the spooky celebration. Belonging to the latter category, Ohio-based graphic designer and face painter Amanda Destro Pierson has turned her garage into bloodthirsty Halloween monster.

How it works

Her idea of creating Monster House got so big that she even created a huge monster on her garage door. The automatic door is painted into the mouth of a monster, which opens and closes its jaws with a push of the garage door opener.

The “monster” garage door motor has been tweaked by Pierson to let the jaws move at 4x speed for realistic fang-gnashing action. It just looks like a huge ferocious monster already in the mood to celebrate Halloween and scare the hell out of passersby and trick-o-treaters.

Monster Garage

From start to finish, the entire Halloween decoration process took 10 hours in one weekend for complete transformation. Pierson has hand-painted everything on craft foam and further used duct tape to put the teeth up. on the other hand, the eyes of the monster are fixed with siding hooks and fishing line.

The resulting Monster Garage looks absolutely scary and just perfect for the spooky occasion. People from her neighborhood and other passersby seem to be mesmerized by watching the monster jaws go up and down. The video posted by the talented artist on Facebook has been already been watched more than 20 million times.

Due to the great feedback on social media, she is now making a kit to sell for next Halloween. You can even sign up for the mailing list for more info on the kits here. So, next time you too will be able to make your own Monster House for Halloween.

For now, check out the video below to see what happens when the garage door goes up.

Via: HouseBeautiful

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