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OJO - A modular personal space

OJO – A modular personal space at an altitude

OJO - A modular personal space

Those who had the fortune of reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or at least watching Peter Jackson’s adaptation might have been enticed by Caras Galadhon, a Elvish city built upon trees. The above pictured OJO concept is much similar to this scope, except for the trees. Comprising of an oval shaped enclosed space set at an higher altitude, the conception provides that much needed privacy as well as perspective for the user. In this regard, each OJO has been envisaged to have a single function. For example, you can use one OJO as your living room, while another OJO as your bathroom and toilet. Connected by railed wooden bridges, a cluster of such OJOs can become your habitat, while many such clusters would ultimately form a small elevated settlement (much like Caras Galadhon!).

Of course, the whole ambit is somewhat Utopian in its essence. However, as far as practicality is concerned, the designers have thought of a modular system, where each individual space can be extended on demand of the user. The assembly and the installation part can also be achieved quite easily, with a touted construction time of just two days.

Via: OJOConcepts

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