OKA Whiskey tumbler

Oka tumbler: Experience whiskey straight from a chunk of barrel

How would you like to have your whiskey? Probably in a crystal glass tumbler fantasizing about the way 18th century men used to enjoy the real taste of whiskey thorough a real wood cask? Now Toms Liepkalns, designer and CEO of Zooty design workshop, wants you experience the traditional flavor of whisky in contemporary style with all-new Oka tumbler.

Whiskey is supposed to obtain unique flavors when aged in charred oak barrels. Further to enhance the flavors even more you can pour the liquor straight into oak wood mug. Oka tumbler is also integrated with same wooden properties to absorb aroma of alcohol, allowing you to feel true characteristics of whiskey.

According to Toms Liepkalns,

Our tumbler is not meant for aging your whiskey. It is meant to flavor your drink instantly.” When relatively small amount of whiskey interacts with a large surface area of charred oak the results are incredible. All the flavors are increasing rapidly.

With this wooden tumbler, you’ll be able to experience more pleasant flavors of whiskey. Even the most expensive crystal glass cannot offer you the same palpation. Moreover, its handmade round bottom is designed to fit very comfortably in hand; whereas the narrow top provides the best flavor for tasting.

Besides adding flavor to your whiskey, it also prevents warming of alcohol. This means you’ll be able to taste your drink in best possible temperature without spoiling its basic aroma and jolt. Sadly, you’ve to wait little longer to get your hands on this wooden tumbler. As the team behind its creation will be launching Kickstarter campaign on 18th November. Only after the success of the campaign, it will be available for pre-orders.

OKA Whiskey tumbler

It is handmade with fine quality to offer best possible taste of whiskey

OKA Whiskey tumbler

Its round bottom easily fits to your hand

OKA Whiskey tumbler

Description of the Oka Tumbler

Source: Kickstarter

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