Old Soudan Hospital Looks Different Now, and so do its Guests

You won’t believe it, but the old Soudan Hospital looks different these days, and so do the guests checking into it. The hospital was built in 1891, by the mining company to provide medical assistance to Soudan miners, their families, and the local residents. But when Mary Batinich, along with Jane Turner, decided to renovate this historical building into a full-time hotel, things changed forever.

Old Soudan Hospital got a new life, with a new name ‘Vermilion Park Inn’, and now the hospital is one of the most cherished hotels around. It has new plumbing, magnificent woodwork, modern electric fittings, a cozy commercial kitchen, dining room, and a large lounge.

Fully furnished with many up-to-the-minute bathrooms, pretty-clad beds and decorative, all round makes this ‘once a famous hospital’, now turned hotel, a place you would love to visit over and over.

The inn features 11 themed guests’ rooms, and most of them provide comfortable lodging for one to four people. It also has an International Suite with a spa bath, but of course, demands more money to get into.

All rooms are ornamented with antiques and recycled items, some of which Batinich bought all the way from Arizona. There is a huge collection of extensive books, as well as a children’s reading room. A Gold Mine Antiques shop of the bed & breakfast is an effort to preserve the history of this hospital turned into a hotel.

Vermilion Park Inn has manicured grounds for outdoor gatherings and a large bottom floor perfect for indoor get-togethers. When everyone seems to have what they wanted from this hotel, why should the outdoor enthusiasts feel left out. Since it’s located near Lake Vermilion, state park and campground with many trails, it’s a perfect place for adventure seekers.

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