Omid Sadri's Lantern tableware

Omid Sadri’s Lantern tableware design for enjoying Pho

Omid Sadri's Lantern tableware

It is heartening to see how healthy obsessions can sometimes lead to inspiring designs. The obsession in this case is Vietnam’s revered Pho (or phở) soup, while the design entails a tableware conceived specifically for serving and eating the famed cuisine item. Created by New York based product designer and engineer Omid Sadri, the pot-shaped tableware is christened as the Lantern. In fact, according to the designer, the elegant yet minimalist form of the Lantern was directly influenced by the vernacular paper lanterns of Vietnam.

Now, to fully understand the scope of functionality that Lantern tableware brings to the table (no pun intended!), one must know something about the highly regarded Pho and its wide range of ingredients, garnishes and serving processes. In this regard, the soup dish in question entails broth, noodles, a variety of herbs and meat. So, with the complexity of each of these specific items, the serving of Pho in high-end restaurants sometimes become a tad bit difficult for waiters and waitresses.

The Lantern solves this issue by ‘integrating’ multiple compartments for each item of the dish. These compartments are segregated from each other by separate layers, while at the same time posing as a unified system within the pot-shaped form of the tableware. According to the designer –

The tableware can serve other types of hot or cold soups with sides or be used to serve a three course meal. It keeps the creative cook engaged, and with each layer it enriches the diner’s eating experience.

So, at the end of the day, the Lantern tableware is not only about practicality but also lends its cool features to gourmets and gourmands alike. For more details, please check out its Kickstarter page.

Via: Kickstarter

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