Oneware is unique kitchenware for one-handed people

There are many people in the world who have only one working hand; because of amputation, stroke or some other fatal injuries. As a result they have to face many difficulties while doing day to day tasks at home, especially in making food or washing utensils in the kitchen. With a perception to simplify frequently used kitchen accessories, a Singapore student, Loren Lim has designed Oneware series of kitchenware that eases physically-challenged people in a number of kitchen related tasks. Simple functionality and aesthetic details are combined together to create an easy-to-use kitchenware that lowers work challenges for one-handed person.

Oneware is the best alternative for traditional kitchen accessories that always annoy handicapped people. It doesn’t alter the standard way of usage, but gives a new twist to usability. The meticulous ethnography research and real user experiences have lead in creation of optimized products for amputees. It is a collection of detachable countertop products that help one-handed people in performing various kitchen or day-to-day activities.

Mainly, they face challenges while chopping vegetables and washing utensils, as things don’t stay in place. This kitchenware line includes a chopping board that has special spikes to hold vegetables in place. It also becomes a dish washing unit with silicone grip to keep dishes stable while scrubbing or washing them.

This design movement will help people with physical limitations in easily performing daily kitchen tasks. Lim has won the first prize of Ikea Singapore young designer award and James Dyson award 2016 for this unique and useful creation.

It has special structures for holding things in one place

It has special structures for holding things in one place

Spikes in chopping board keeps vegetables stable for worry-less household chores

Spikes in chopping board for worry-free household chores

Silicone grip for keeping utensils in place

Dishwasher pad with silicone grip keeps utensils in place

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