Manhattan Floor Lamp and Elephant Shadow Play Table Lamp by Oorjaa

Bengaluru Lighting Studio Makes Eco-Friendly Lamps from Banana Peal Paper, Cork & Faux Cement

If you go out searching, you’ll find a great percentage of businesses are born out of passion. Case in point Oorjaa, a Bengaluru-based handmade paper studio founded by passionate artist, maker Jenny Pinto way back in 1998.

Since the inception, main idea of Oorjaa has been to inform people that gorgeous lighting solutions can be designed sustainably.

The studio got a real boast to its aspirations after partnering with Radeesh Shetty of The Purple Turtles (home decor, custom lighting, and furniture store in Bengaluru) in 2018.

This collaboration has helped Oorjaa grow into a full-fledged design studio that makes lighting solutions from sustainable and upcycled materials including banana fibre paper and cork among other elements.

Watch the beautiful story of how these lamps come to life:

Starting out as a team of two and staying rooted to the idea of creating lights using waste and natural fibres, Oorjaa is today a team of 35 artisans and 3 designers who are lighting up homes, hotels, art installations and more with their unique, customized lamps and lights.

To achieve minimal aesthetics in their designs, the waste raw-material is processed in-house and handcrafted into amazing lamps by Oorjaa’s artisans.

Oorjaa presently has a collection of seven distinct lighting variants, which include lamps made from paper, waste cork, tree bark, faux concrete, techniques of the Japanese wabi-sabi and tie and dye. The collection features table, floor, wall, ceiling and pendant lamps.

A highlight of the collection below:

  • Wabi Sabi

This collection of 62 lights draws inspiration from Japanese aesthetics of worn-out imperfection and is crafted out of faux concrete – a proprietary fibre made from granite dust – which bears the weathered look of concrete but is not concrete. Interestingly, the material is lightweight and equally rigid as concrete.

  • Oxide

An extension of the Wabi Sabi, this collection of 45 lights brings forth the fibre concrete lamps in interesting hues including blue, rusty pink, clay and cement grey.

  • Shadow Play

 Inspired by the art of shadow puppetry famous in South India and Indonesia, this collection of 6 lamps is made from handmade banana fibre paper.

  • Uncork

Made with material gathered from tree barks that regenerate every nine years, the Uncork collection of 44 lights is a contemporary example of how waste cork can be upcycled.

  • Urbania

This is a collection of 35 handmade paper shades. They feature solid bases made from hand-cut granite and wood.

  • Elements

This collection with 35 products is Oorjaa’s signature collections featuring organically shaped handmade paper lights.

  • Dori

This collection of 39 shades explores the possibilities of textile techniques in paper. The shades are generally woven from leftover paper scraps on handloom and tie-dyed to create wonderful patterns.

Oorjaa eco-friendly Dandelion pendant lamp

Image: Oorjaa

Eco-friendly Rupture Assorted Pendant Lamp by Oorjaa

Image: Oorjaa

Eco-friendly Sea Urchins Table Lamp by Oorjaa

Image: Oorjaa

Eco-friendly Tube Cover Curve Woven Wall Lamp by Oorjaa

Image: Oorjaa

Eco-friendly Cork Weaved Drum by Oorjaa

Image: Oorjaa

Eco-friendly Un-Block Crushed Table Lamp by Oorjaa

Image: Oorjaa

Eco-friendly Cork Wrap Wall Light by Oorjaa

Image: Oorjaa

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