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Transforming Castle House

Ordinary truck transforms into off-grid fantasy castle in few minutes

We’ve already seen various mobile home designs to provide active living to travel enthusiasts. But what if your mobile trailer turns into a dream castle? New Zealand-based family (Justin and Jolo and their little boy Piko) has created one such mobile home that converts into a fantasy castle in few minutes.

On road it runs like a simple truck, but as soon as it’s parked, the truck magically transforms into a fairy tale castle. It is installed with solar panels on rooftop to provide complete off-grid living to inhabitants. Other than that, the mobile home includes bathroom, sleeping loft, fully-equipped kitchen, rooftop bathtub, upstairs balcony space and many more facilities.

Both interior and exterior are entirely made from wood, as well as equipped with wooden furnishings. Overall the stunning transforming castle home provides perfectly sustainable on-the-go living in style. Head over here, to find out more details about the castle home in video and images given below.

Transforming Castle House

Mobile home offers sustainable living to the residents

Transforming Castle House

The truck transforms into a fantasy castle in few minutes

Transforming Castle House

Castle-like front section of the active home

Transforming Castle House

Arch-shaped entryway into the tiny house

Transforming Castle House

Fully-quipped kitchen space

Transforming Castle House

Tiny bathroom area with all necessary facilities

Via: HuffingtonPost

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