Origami-Inspired Paper Lamps Bring Wildlife to Your Desk

Owl paperlamps, a Portugal-based design studio, combines origami art with lighting and created authentic paper lamps for decorating homes this festive season. The design studio showcases some unique handmade lamp designs in shape of owl, parrot, tortoise and penguin at Etsy. Lights integrated inside the bird-shaped paper figures illuminate the space elegantly and are perfect for using as a centerpiece at your coffee or bedside table. All these DIY lighting objects are made to order and need deep dedication for assembling at homes.

Night Owl-DIY paper lamp

Available in colored or white versions, these Night owl paper lamps are great for bringing an artistic touch to the interiors. These 38.5 cm tall Aurora lightings are crafted from high-quality 160g paper with a gap behind for power cable. They come with a paper cut out model of a lamp, a practice model and a base with an E14 light bulb socket for LED bulbs. Electric cable with in-line switch and a euro plug CEE 7 are also included. Eyes of these owls look different and seem like they are constantly staring.

Buy: US$43.75

Plain white Owl paper lamp

Plain white Owl paper lamp

Creates pleasing ambiance in your room

Colored version for a beautiful ambiance in your room

The colored version looks great whether it's lit or not

These lamps look great whether they are lit or not

Parrot- DIY paper lamp

Made with same 160g paper, the Alberti is available in different colors or in plain white. This 72 cm tall lamp includes a kit, which you have to assemble at home for converting into an origami paper lamp. These interesting figures look great even when they are not lit. You can simply put a pair of parrot lamps on a picture frame to add a dash of attractiveness in the room along with a perfect ambiance.

Buy: US$46.06

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Origami-inspired paper lamps bring wildlife to your table_5

Available in vibrant colors

Looks like a real bird on first sight

Looks like a real bird at first sight

Available in vibrant colors

Perfect lighting and a focal point for homes

Penguin-DIY paper lamp

The lovable Penguin paper lamp is available in two sizes; 42 cm and 72 cm. Kids at home will adore the attractive figure of the penguin lamp. You can decorate your home with these unique lamp shades for celebrating birthday of your little kid or for stylishly illuminating your home on Christmas. The difficulty level to assemble the Big Penguin paper lamp is higher than other designs and it is only available in white color.

Buy: US$41.44

Emperor Penguin paper lamp

Emperor Penguin DIY paper lamp

Create a colony of small Penguin lamps in different colors

Handmade decoratives made from high quality paper

Create a colony of small Penguin lamps in different colors

Create a colony of small Penguin lamps in different colors

Tortoise-DIY paper lamp

Dubbed as Fred, this tortoise shaped lamp adds a dash of wilderness at homes. It is also available in colored or plain white version. Patterns of its shell catches eye and looks unique, whether it is placed on a table or at a shelf. Place two or more tortoise paper lampshades on a shelf to display the illuminating animal models. It comes in dimensions 36.5 x 20 x 18cm.

Buy: US$43.75

Lighting creatures for your homes

Lighting creatures for homes

This tortoise shaped lamp is dubbed as Fred

Tortoise-shaped lamp dubbed as Fred

Origami-inspired paper lamps

Origami-inspired attractive paper lamps

One interesting feature of these lighting objects are the several vibrant color choices available. You have to select the colors in which you want your lighting creatures.

Different colored paper lamps make it easy for you to create a pleasing ambiance according to your personal preferences.

Via: BoredPanda

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