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Origami-inspired robotic furniture

Origami-inspired robotic furniture makes clever use of space

In collaboration with MIT Media Lab, designer Yves Béhar has created Ori robotic furniture that’s influenced from origami, Japanese art of paper folding. Just like a piece of paper is folded and unfolded in origami, this futuristic furniture can also be arranged and decorated to transform a single room into any desired space you want. Basically, this furniture lineup is meant to make one room feel like four.

For instance, the modular system can convert a studio apartment into bedroom, walk-in closet, living room, or office space. It all depends on the user’s current need and the furniture’s architectural robotics will help them form a desired space. It’s somewhat similar to arranging furniture pieces in a room, but the difference here is that this system is entirely automatic and doesn’t need any physical labor.

Using the system’s control panel, one can extend bed from the bottom, and shift the complete bureau across the room. The walk-in closet lies at chest level, whereas other side of this system consists of an entertainment center with a couch. Even the concealed desk and floor-to-ceiling closets can be unveiled via control panel. So, with this coordinating furniture, a 300-square-feet studio can easily be converted into a full-sized apartment.

The team behind the creation of Ori is actually working with real estate developers in Boston, Washington DC and Seattle so that this system could soon be brought into city apartments. This futuristic furniture system will be beneficial in popular cities where people have to live in limited space apartments. The origami-inspired robotic furniture will be a practical addition into smart homes, where homeowners look forward to all amenities, even in small spaces.

Via: Cnet

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