OriginalCatpods’ cat scratcher

OriginalCatpods’ Cat Scratcher Doubles as a Tiny Bed for Your Kitty

Cat enthusiasts often love to spoil their pets. So why not gift your adorable kitty something special this holiday season? We would recommend you to present this crafty cardboard cat scratcher to your grimalkin on upcoming festivity.

Designed by OriginalCatpods, this cat bed-cum-cat scratcher is handcrafted from recyclable cardboard, assembled together using non-toxic glue. Each piece is contrived to look-like a big peephole, allowing your kitty to play throughout the day.

Moreover, it also doubles as a bed for your cat. This means your feline friend can even snooze within this comfy scratcher when it gets tired after playing the whole day. Besides all that, each bag of these original kitty pucks contains six rolling cardboard toys.

These circular toys are marinated with organic catnip flavor and are non-toxic as well. So, even if your cat bites of rip them off with claws these materials are not at all harmful for your pet. Furthermore, this amazing cat scratcher will not only entertain your feline, but also prevent your floors and carpets from ugly claw marks. You must invest in this product to keep yourself tension-free, meanwhile giving something playful to your lovable cat.

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OriginalCatpods’ cat scratcher

Peephole-shaped cat scratcher doubles as a tiny cat bed

OriginalCatpods’ cat scratcher

Six rolling cardboard toys come with each cat scratcher

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