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Orion cabinet remarkably symbolizes the pattern of ‘The Hunter’ constellation

Orion cabinet

Orion aka The Hunter has long been a fascination among astronomers and stargazers throughout mankind’s recorded history. As a matter of fact, it is considered as one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky. But now you may be thinking: why the hell are we talking about constellations instead of home based designs? Well, the reason is another namesake ‘Orion’. This conception in question is a full fledged cabinet by Studio Christensen whose visual scheme remarkably symbolizes the night time pattern of the original Orion constellation.

The outer facades are crafted with wood and then draped in brass webs that supposedly reminds us of Orion. However, for people who are not too keen on astronomy, the Orion cabinet does fortunately stand on its own as an enticing piece of furniture. This level of aesthetics is matched by the uniquely zig-zag pattern of the opening (as seen in the above image). Finally, the view of the interior reveals to us the practical design implication of the whole scope, with shelves on the top section against a transparent background, along with drawers at the bottom most section.

Via: StudioChristensen

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