Orison Energy's New Home Batteries

Orison Energy’s new home batteries could upstage Tesla Powerwell

Storing backup energy for your home has become broadly accessible all thanks to Tesla Powerwell, which is an amazing device that harvests energy from renewable sources like solar panels to power various electronics in your house. But San Diego–based technology company Orison Energy has come up with a whole new concept to cut down your utility bills.

The firm has created its new plug-and-play home batteries i.e. Orison Tower and Orison Panel for providing energy to most of your appliances and home electronics. Both the home batteries are self-charged when utility rates are low at night and provide the stored power to your electronics when rates get high during daytime.

Orison batteries can store up to 2.0 kWh of energy at night to offer sufficient power to connected appliances within your home. The Orison Tower measures 34-inch in height and 9-inches in width, and appears like a standing floor fan, but it surely does a lot more for your home than being a mere aesthetic decor object.

On the other hand, the wall-mounted or hanging Orison Panel’s dimensions are 22 x 28 x 2.5 inches. It can double as a modern wall art, while providing energy to your home in a unique way. Orison’s software is designed to automatically adjust itself as per individual circuit, when plugged into a socket or working wirelessly at the time of outage.

Unlike Tesla Powerwell, these plug-and-play Orison home batteries are easy to install without any professional help. All you need to do is carry any of these to a desired place in your home and fix onto any wall or make the tower free-stand anywhere in your living room. Not only that, but these intelligent home batteries can also function well with other renewable energy sources like solar panels and other on or off grid sources.

The company is soon planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to make this concept live for the consumers, moreover additional perks will be included for the backers. However, retail price of the Tower will be $1,950 and Panel battery with inverter will be priced at $1,600. We’re eagerly waiting for its crowdfunding campaign to find out what more will be in store for us.

Orison Energy's New Home Batteries

Orison Panel (left), and Orison Tower (right)

Orison Energy's New Home Batteries

The Panel doubles as a modern wall art

Orison Energy's New Home Batteries

Orison home batteries charge up at night and supply power to appliances during daytime

Source: OrisonEnergy

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