Osaka Modular Sofa by La Cividina

Osaka Modular Sofa Fluently Adapts Curved or Linear Form

Italian manufacturer LaCividina has re-created the famous Osaka sofa designed by French designer Pierre Paulin in 1967. The original sofa design was prototyped by Mobilier National in year 1970 and remained as one of the most representative items of the French Republic.

Osaka sofa is a system of articulated modules that allow changing its shape from linear to curvy easily thanks to its subtle organic configuration. It is made of three elements held together by a special steel frame and is covered with non-deforming polyurethane padding, upholstered in stretch fabric that rhythmically continues the curvy lines.

The curved elements can be arranged into varying furniture pieces such as sofa, bed, chaise lounge or a bench. The best thing about this modular sofa is that it comes in 10 different sizes, starting from 71-inches to 248-inches. It can be expanded within a large living area to accommodate guests.

Osaka modular sofa is suitable furniture for all indoor settings from private living spaces to open public places, all thanks to its modularity.

Osaka Modular Sofa by La Cividina

Image: LaCividina

Osaka Modular Sofa by La Cividina

Image: LaCividina

Osaka Modular Sofa by La Cividina

Image: LaCividina

Source: LaCividina

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