OtO Smart Sprinkler

OtO Smart Sprinkler Bags CES 2022 Best of Innovation Award

Canadian Startup OtO Lawn is named the CES 2022 Best of Innovation Awards honoree for its smart lawn sprinkler this year. The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is considered the world’s most influential technology event. Every year CES receives a number of submissions with just one franchise walking away with the glory. For OtO, it’s a good beginning.

Summers have ended but that doesn’t imply you don’t need to water your garden anymore. There is no need to hassle with the bucket sprinklers for it, OtO offers you alternatives from its Pandora’s box so you can tend to your garden amicably.

Ali Sabti, founder and CEO of the OtO Lawn stated,

Our vision is to bring nature and technology together and design a better, more sustainable future for all. Being named an Innovation Awards winner is further proof that we’re on the right track.

The OtO Lawn smart sprinkler connects to your garden hose and applies natural pest control and fertilizer solutions. Furthermore, a weather-intelligent watering schedule can also be set up from a mobile device with the aid of a companion application.

The smart sprinkler also gives users the ability to control the water stream and set custom zone shapes to avoid areas such as sidewalks and patios. OtO not only functions as a smart device but also saves you a lot of time.

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Through cloud connectivity and real-time weather awareness, the device decides when to optimally water and apply solutions – factoring in rain and wind to maximize efficacy. Its weather intelligence and precision application allow users to reduce water consumption, irrigation and solution cost, while simultaneously maintaining a vibrant and comfortable outdoor space.

OtO Smart Sprinkler

Image: OtO Lawn

OtO Smart Sprinkler

Image: OtO Lawn

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