Zip Eat jar opener by Ototo

Ototo Zip Eat takes the lids off jammed jars

The Zip Eat jar opener is a nifty little kitchen gadget that grips on jammed jar lids and gives you an extra strength to open your jar. Styled to look like a zip, the Zip Eat jar opener wraps around tough and tricky jammed lids and clutches the lid with its silicone teeth. This way it gives you the extra grip to twist off those tops with ease.

A significant feature of this zip opener is that it can be adjusted to any size of the jars lids. It is designed by Ototo, a design studio established by Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner. Two designers met at Ascola School of art and design in 1999 and decided to open a design studio together in 2004. They named it Ototo, which in Hebrew means ‘any minute now’ with the idea that something new can happen at any moment.

Zip Eat opener is made of plastic and silicone; it measures 17.5 x 3 x 6.5cm and comes with a price tag of $16.

 Zip Eat jar opener by Ototo

Zip Eat jar opener

 Zip Eat jar opener by Ototo

Styled to look like a zip

 Zip Eat jar opener by Ototo

Ototo Zip Eat jar opener

 Zip Eat jar opener by Ototo

Users tutorial for Zip Eat


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