Ouabis Haus Coffee Table transforms into a dollhouse

We’ve seen many types of shape-changing and transforming piece of furniture. Yet there was always scope for something that even had something in store for your kid. Ouabis Haus Coffee Table by Amy Whitworth Design is just the furniture unit you wanted at home, especially if you have a little princess and your living off a small apartment. The Ouabis Haus is a really modern coffee table made from solid birch plywood, which can easily transform into a dollhouse.

To use the table as a dollhouse, all your little kid needs to do is, slide in some wood and acrylic panels on the sides of the table. The panels are easily adjustable, so that the little kiddo can build her customized dollhouse. Amy Whitworth Design also has created magnetic wood furniture, which is made of oak wood and is handcrafted to perfection. The furniture is embedded with magnets which allow the furniture to be transformed into desired shape.

Via: DesignMilk

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