Page Turner Lamp – a desk lamp you can customize in 24 different designs

Page Turner Lamp

Having seen hundreds of creative lamps over time, we can conclude that they are all almost the same. Many of them have permanent designs, and others that do have some transforming shapes – even they are limited to a few alterations only. Enter the Page Turner Lamp – a desk lamp build onto a spiraled notebook. The lamp can be customized with every changing day by simply drawing a personalized lampshade on the notebook (flip pages for different style). The notebook lamp better known as the Page Turner Lamp comes with six pre-drawn lamp designs and has six blank pages, which you can customize doodling a design on it.

The Page Turner Lamp features red and white lampshades so you have a total of 24 different lamps design for you (almost one for every day of the month). Available for a throw away price of $20, the USB powered Page Turner Lamp, lets you add so much fun to your home décor. Personally speaking, this is going make wonders with kids.

Page Turner Lamp

Via: CraziestGadgets/Gizmodo

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