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Paint Brush Scrubber

Paint Brush Scrubber increases lifespan of your painting tools

Cleaning paint brushes after whitewashing your house is a tough task. This is because you need to apply unnecessary force on bristles for removing every bit of paint from brushes, and harsh treatment makes them wear out faster. But for easy cleaning and increasing lifespan of your painting tools, Negaunee-based inventor Miles Parkkonen has come up with a simple solution called Paint Brush Scrubber.

It facilitates cleaning by scrubbing action to effectively remove paint from brushes, pads and rollers, as they glide across grooves of the scrubber. The ridged surface of this wooden tool gently separate bristles for cleaning quickly without getting your hands full of paint or applying futile pressure.

This way, you’ll get cleaner paint brushes in few minutes and can also increase their lifespan. Paint brush scrubber is made from 100-percent recycled, environmentally-friendly wood. Moreover, its material is treated to be water-resistant so that you can easily use it for cleaning brushes with water.

Parkkonen has invented this handy tool years ago for personal use in his garage. But now he has patented and brought it into the market with the help of [email protected], Northern Michigan University‘s entrepreneurial program. This handy brush cleaner is available in various sizes to clean small to large painting brushes. You can purchase this simple yet functional tool for $15, ensuring proper care of your house or art painting tools.

Paint Brush Scrubber

Its groovy surface separates bristles for faster cleaning of any paint brush

Paint Brush Scrubber

It is made from 100-percent recycled wood

Paint Brush Scrubber

It is available in various colors and sizes

Credit: SecondWaveMedia

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