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Paint-free DIY Tips to Brighten your Home This Fall

Paint-free DIY tips to brighten your home this fall

After bright colorful spring season and colorful foliage fall of autumn, soon winters will arrive. During winters homeowners keep doors and windows shut to avoid chilly wind to enter inside our shelters. But, this also leads to dull and lifeless environment within the house.

What should be done to brighten up your home this fall? Take out paint brushes and start painting bright colors onto the walls? Well, calm down your inner Picasso for a while because we are not talking about house painting.

In fact we are going to discuss some useful paint-free tips with you that will add more life and color into interior of your home this winter. Here are some ways by which you can make your house brighter in winters.

Bring nature inside:

Paint-free DIY Tips to Brighten your Home This Fall

We know nature is out there in open landscapes and in winters you almost cut off yourself from nature by shutting down windows completely, until next spring. But you can bring home indoor plants and flowers to improve indoor air quality as well as to add some colors inside. Moreover, the plants will make internal environment pleasant and keep you fresh all the time.

Buy some colorful throw pillows and bed sheets:

Paint-free DIY Tips to Brighten your Home This Fall

Winter season doesn’t mean a season of black, grey and white shades all over the place. You can make this winter colorful with some unique décor items- but we are not referring to any furniture here. Instead of investing on expensive bright furniture, buy some colorful throw pillows and bed sheets to add vibrant touch to each room. Bright contrasting patterns with some lively colors on them will complete transform a room from something dull into a sight to behold.

Add bright wallpapers:

Paint-free DIY Tips to Brighten your Home This Fall

Mostly homeowners prefer to use colorful paints to brighten up their houses, but instead of permanent paints why don’t you try something temporary yet effective. By that we mean, removable wallpapers because these are less expensive and can be used or removed anytime without damaging your walls. Try using some colorful patterns to make interior a bit vivacious. But don’t create a colorful garden inside; just try to be subtle with your preferences.

Bring home some striking artwork:

Paint-free DIY Tips to Brighten your Home This Fall

Another way to add colors into your house without using a paintbrush is to mount some paintings onto the walls. Paintings with bold and contrasting colors instantly draw attention towards them as soon as someone enters inside. Thus, makes an individual forget that the room is lacking bright natural light. Furthermore, it will add life to your dull lifeless home this winter without any need of natural light.

Add colorful rugs:

Paint-free DIY Tips to Brighten your Home This Fall

Patterned rug is another accessory that can effectively brighten up a room without much effort. Homeowners may invest in colorful rugs to brighten up their house, but try to find out a rug that enhances furnishing of your house rather than clashing with it. Try to find contrasting rugs to enhance appearance of interior with vibrant finishing.

Well, these were some of the DIY tips that will certainly benefit you in making your house more colorful. Following these steps, you can make your dwelling brighter and livelier this fall, without much effort or investment.

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