Paint Handy by Ben Mayberry

Paint Handy: Anti-gravity portable paint caddy omits spills and drips

In an era where you can easily find smart electrical products in market, Ben Mayberry from Tusla, Olkahoma has created simple anti-gravity paint management tool, the Paint Handy. The unique feature about the disc-shaped plastic tray is that it eliminates spills and drips all around your house. The portable paint caddy can hold up to 12 ounces of latex paint without spilling a single drop, even when you turn it upside down.

This unique spill-proof device features a special fabric liner, which soaks up paint like a sponge to avoid dripping. When you tap the liner with tip of a brush, paint is released into the bristles. When you’re done painting any area of your house, remaining paint within the tray can be stored in a zippered plastic bag to keep the paint from drying out or excess paint can be easily scraped back into the can.

Another best thing about this handy device is that it comes has an adjustable strap underneath to fix the caddy to your hand. Due to this, you can even fix it to back of your hand for securely climbing a ladder. The project will be launched on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter on Friday, February 13 to raise initial target of about $30,000. However, if you cannot wait to get your hands on this amazing device, then you can order it from its official website for $36.

As of now, check out the video and images given below to find out more about the Paint Handy.

Paint Handy by Ben Mayberry

The portable paint caddy can hold up to 12 ounces of latex paint

Paint Handy by Ben Mayberry

The anti-gravity paint caddy doesn’t spill a single drop even when you turn it upside down.

Paint Handy by Ben Mayberry

The absorbed paint from fabric liner can be released with tap of a brush or few strokes of a roller

Credit: TechHive

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