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Paint Runner Pro by Renovator

Designed to save money, time and mess of traditional paint rollers, the all-new Paint Runner Proby Renovator needs no prep time, no drop sheets or tape masking. All you have to do is pour paint inside the roller and start painting any wall or surface within a few minutes.

The Paint Runner Pro is easy-to-use and even your kids can help in creating a professional paint finish on your walls. It allows you to skip the mess and have all the fun while painting walls, ceilings, decks, as well as furniture pieces with your family.

It can be used to paint both indoor and outdoor walls – or just to cover up stains and scuff marks within seconds. With the patented distribution system, this painting device is able to provide perfect coat every time, unlike other paint rollers available on the market. You can attach any mop handle or broomstick to extend the roller and paint a ceiling with ease.

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