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Palitios lamp is made from old wooden fruit crate

Sergio Mendoza, a Spanish designer, has designed an upcycled lamp using wooden fruit crate. The lamp is called Palitios – a Spanish word which means ‘little sticks.’ He has given a new life to an old fruit crate which he collected from a local fruit seller. The fascinating fact about this lamp is that its untainted look and texture is blended with wood in a very chaotic manner.

To make Palitios, he tore the fruit crate into pieces by hand and then glued them together in a very muddled way to make the lampshade. Steel cords used to make the stand are bent using hi-tech tools in his workshop and finally powder coated with an anticorrosive material followed by a paint job to achieve desired aesthetics. Sergio assigned paint job and wooden work to the traditional industries of Valencia as he believes the local craftsmanship are on the verge of extinction. Hence, Palitios is an effort to preserve their talent.

At €133.10 (approx. 149.63 US), Palitios lamp is available in two sizes: small and medium, and in four different shades which are black, white, coral and turquoise.


Palitios lamp is made from upcycled wooden fruit crate


Palitios steel wire stand


The lamp is available in two sizes


Powder coating in process

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