Palmerston Council’s $45K Cyclone-proof Christmas Tree

Palmerston council’s $45K Christmas tree can combat a cyclone

Australian Palmerston city council has unveiled its latest Christmas attraction in form of conical tree. This inverted cone-shaped Christmas tree is erected in Palmerston’s Goyder Square and the council has spent hefty amount of about $45,000 on this ornamental tree design. Wondering why the council shelled out such huge amount on a Christmas attraction?

Well, this is no ordinary tree as it is designed to combat cyclones with intensity breeze of around 230km/h. The 10-metre high conical tree is internally supported by a steel framework tree and anchored by a strong concrete block at center. Local artist Techy Masero was commissioned to create this embellished tree for the occasion. Masero has beautifully ornamented the Christmas tree with greenery, garlands of lights, and genuine hunger cones.

Although the tree acts as a central hub for local residents, but some citizens are not happy that the council has spent such huge amount of money on a single tree decoration. On the other hand, the council explains that it is cost-effective due to its cyclone-proof attribute and can withstand even high intensity cyclones, unlike Cyclone Tracy that ravaged Darwin on Christmas Eve 1974. Moreover, it is durable enough to last for several years as well as inspire protected enjoyment to celebrate Christmas safely.

Aside negative comments of few people, the cyclone-proof Christmas tree is elegantly gilded to offer lively and cheerful environment for the holiday season as expected. We liked the way it is decorated and its reliability to withstand the toughest winds.

Credit: ABC

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