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Panasonic Zero Oil Technology Powered Microwave Oven

Panasonic boosts ‘Zero Oil’ technology with latest range of microwave oven

You may not be unaware that unhealthy eating habits lead to hazardous diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart problems etc. But still we have to use some oil in our food even at home due to our conventional cooking appliances like microwave ovens. This is because these are not compatible to cook completely healthy food without using oil at all.

But, Panasonic has a new take on microwave cooking with its latest Zero Oil Technology powered range of microwave oven- including NN-CD684B, NN-CD674M and NN-CT654M. The new range comes in 27-liters capacity to cook Zero Oil recipes. It is designed especially for health conscious consumers who often want to keep their body shape and weight in check.

Furthermore, the range will also to improve Indian cooking style that includes excessive use of oil, butter and ghee. With this latest microwave range you can eat all your favorite recipes without using a single drop of oil. Thus, maintaining a healthy oil free cooking lifestyle. You can enjoy delicious delicacies like Creamy Pasta with Spinach, Tokri Chaat, Grilled Mushrooms, Tandoori Gobhi, Tikka Sabzi, Haryali Kebabs, Roasted Chicken Legs and many more, without worrying about your weight and health.

Mr. Gaurav Minocha – Head of Panasonic Home Appliances in India said,

In today’s lifestyle it has become essential to adopt healthy eating habits and Panasonic’s new range of microwaves promotes just that. We have come up with special recipes which can be cooked with Zero Oil, allowing our consumers to consume healthy yet delicious food. In its efforts to revolutionize Indian cooking, Panasonic has launched microwave ovens especially designed to cook Indian delicacies using zero oil. This would greatly ease cooking for the Indian homemakers while delivering oil free yet delicious meals at the same time.

Panasonic has taken microwave cooking to the next level with this latest revolutionary oil free range. The microwaves powered by Zero Oil Technology are available within affordable price range of about र14,990-र 17,990 (approx. USD $245-$294).

Panasonic Zero Oil Technology Powered Microwave Oven

Panasonic powered by Zero Oil Technology

Source: Panasonic

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