Panasonic Smart Mirror

Panasonic Smart Mirror prints out makeup to cover up your flaws

Have you ever wished that your mirror could do flaw-analyzing for you? It seems that Panasonic has heard your secret wish and created the solution in form of a Smart Mirror that not only points out flaws on your skin, but also prints out makeup ideas to cover up blemishes, wrinkles or sun spots.

Wondering how does it work? Well, as you look at your reflection, the smart mirror starts analyzing your face and highlights the areas on your face that need makeup coverage. Don’t be disheartened by the mirror-shaming part. The mirror also prints a custom patch of a foundation, as well as a concealer that matches your skin tone.

When the sheet is ready, you can take the printout, press it against your skin, wet it, and smooth it on. It’s more like a temporary tattoo for your face to hide all your imperfections. However, the mirror is still in the prototype stage. So, currently, you need to wait a day for the printed makeup patch to set before applying it to your face.

Nonetheless, it seems like a great solution to cover up your flaws without having to apply layers of makeup on your face? It is just one sheet that magically vanishes your imperfections in no time.

Hopefully, the smart makeup mirror will soon hit the market shelves. Sadly, no further information is available on its launch – as it still needs to undergo few testing phases. But you can check out the video below to see the magic of this wonder mirror.

Panasonic Smart Mirror

It prints out make up to cover up any imperfection

Panasonic Smart Mirror

Panasonic Smart Mirror points out flaws on skin

Via: Engadget

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