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PancakeBot Pancake 3D Printer

PancakeBot 3D prints flapjacks into artistic designs

Making pancakes is no rocket science, but cooking it in various artistic shapes in impossible unless you’re a culinary artist. But designer Miguel Valenzuela has created the world’s first 3D printed pancake maker dubbed PancakeBot to turn breakfast making into an art. It is a robotic gadget that is designed to print pancakes into your desired custom-designs.

It is installed with software that allows you to trace any image you desire on your PC, save it to a SD card and send it to the pancake maker for printing an edible masterpiece. The system uses a proprietary batter dispensing system to “print” batter directly onto the included griddle. With combination of compressed air and vacuum, the desired designs of pancakes are printed at controlled temperature for even cooking.

PancakeBot can print pancakes up to 16-inches by 8.3-inches. This means a regular pancake size is created but in distinct patterns. The project has successfully surpassed the initial target of about $50,000 on Kickstarter. It is expected to retail for $300 when shipping starts from this July. However, you still have 25 days to pre-order one at an early bird price.

As of now, check out the video given below to find out how the device works:

Via: Uncrate

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