Pedal Power workstation lets you workout and charges your laptop too

Most people don’t get time to workout or exercise because of their busy work schedule. How convenient and amazing it would be if one could do his office work and burn some calories at the same time. Pedal Power, a creative project by Andy Wekin on crow-funding website Kickstarter is one such equipment that will allow you to pedal while you work along with toning your muscles with ease. One more advantage Pedal Power workstation offers is the energy generated by the user through pedaling is used to charge your devices such as laptops, notebooks, and tablets. So, if you live in an area where electricity power cuts are common and if you are a workaholic who doesn’t get time to stretch his legs due to hectic schedule, the Pedal Power is just for you.

The idea behind using pedal power is nothing new, but it seems like this is the first time a team is so passionate about bringing pedal power into the daily lives of a common man. The team hopes to see Pedal Power in every household someday. The video demonstrating the Pedal Power workstation shows that it not only charges laptops but many other household gadgets such as air compressors, log splitters, and blenders completely off the grid. The Kickstarter campaign launched by Andy is doing great and has already reached more than half of the funding goal in a few days after going live. We wish him luck and hope to see this innovative project hitting production lines some time soon.

Via: Treehugger

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