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Pedal-powered mini camper built by an adventure seeker for just $150

Micro-camping is one thing all outdoor adventure seekers want to do. Simply because it is a fun activity which allows you to explore the outskirts of the city. Paul Elkins is one adventure seeker who likes to keeps things low, as he’s been micro-camping for quite a few years now. In fact, for more than a decade now. He started his adventure in 2002 in his homemade stealth camper, and now he wants you to build a dirt-cheap camper that will become a second home for you.

He calls it a bike camper which is a pedal-powered micro mobile home for short camping trips. Basically, for escapades where you want some alone time with nature. Kirsten has created this nomad bicycle camper for approximately $150 and now he wants you all to make it in your garage too.

This mobile home is ideal for people who like low-cost camping experience which has least impact on nature. It has to be one of the most compact mobile camper we have seen so far. What makes it even more interesting is the use of material which can be found easily in a local shop or in your old store.

Mini camper with all the basic amenities

Mini camper with all the basic amenities

Don’t get fooled by the small size of this camper as it houses all the basic things you need to spend a night in the wild or even an extended weekend. There is a gas stove, bed, small cabinets to store essentials, and a trash bin to avoid any littering. Space has been optimally used and the design lets ample light in. To provide relief from cold or rain, there is an insulated coating on the inside.

Paul Elkins has provided all the details of the making process on his website, however, he’s charging $20 for the 60 page PDF with all the details. That is completely understandable, as the man has put a lot of effort into designing this bike camper.

Pedal-powered home for adventure seekers

Pedal-powered home for adventure seekers

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