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Pent Modular Furniture System Offers Endless Configuration Possibilities

I am twenty-six but my back already feels like sixty-two. For this chucklesome situation, I do not blame the modern-day chair that I sit on the entire day, nor am I questioning the ergonomics it claims to offer. All I am saying is, I need a comfortable seat where I can easily slouch after a tiring day at work.

Talking of comfort and ergonomics, the only thing that comes to my mind is modular furniture. We have discussed a plethora of modular furniture designs in the past and what we bring to the limelight now is the Pent modular furniture system. Created by DSIGINO, an integral design studio located in Madrid, the modular system comprises tables and chairs.

Both tables and chairs are in pentagonal position and can be placed adjacent to each other in multiple compositions. In the case of chairs, there is a backrest to support your vertebra, otherwise, its core body is pentagonal just like the table. This may remind you of an Ottoman but is not exactly a stool or a storage unit. However, it may serve the purpose of seating, tea table, chair, and more.

A series of Pent modular system when placed together can act as a fancy living area centerpiece. Had I been the maker of the furniture instead of DSIGINO, I would have named it Caterpillar because of the shape it makes when placed together.

The puzzle-like design of the furniture allows users to play with modules and create their own unique pieces of furniture. It can be created in the shape of a caterpillar, tomb and can also individually stand on its own.

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Finished in natural ash, the furniture system provides warmth to any living room. DSIGINO, the manufacturers of the furniture made the collection for Belta and Frajumar. Finished in different colors, the table measures around 8kg with its frame made of steel rods and base area covered with seat foam.

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