Pepe Pet Dryer - CES 2019

Pepe Pet Dryer is a Relaxing Sauna for Your Furry Companion

Pampering your spoilt furry friend is a usual chore. So why not take that extra step in pet care? At CES 2019, Singapore-based company Pet Connexion displayed their pet dryer which any cat or dog would fancy. Called Pepe, the dryer is tailor-made for pets of all medium-sized breeds.

The pet dryer works well for both cats and dogs as it dries every strand of their fur. This saves you from all the hassle of drying. Moreover, it also prevents water spillage after bathing your pet.

The technology used in Pepe is nothing fancy as it is simply a dryer designed in a way to accommodate your pet. Just put your pet inside the washing machine-sized dryer and set the temperature.

It takes around 25 minutes to dry a small-sized dog. The company says that dogs usually sleep during the process.

It’s no secret that cats hate water, but they are going to love the little warm space.

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One clear advantage Pepe has over conventional dryers is the reduced noise level and multidirectional airflow for even drying. The accessory also comes with Biolight therapy to improve your pooch’s health. Although, how effective it is actually, only your pet can tell.

Pepe pet dryer is available in Singapore, Korea, and China for $660. There is no word on its availability in the US. We will keep you posted as soon as we have a new update on the same.

Pepe Pet Dryer - CES 2019

Image: Pepe

Pepe Pet Dryer - CES 2019

Image: Pepe

Pepe Pet Dryer - CES 2019

Image: Pepe

Via: CNet

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