Perk 3D printed coffee maker uses science to deliver a perfect taste

Over the years, making coffee has evolved as a fine art to prepare the perfect cup of joe to rejuvenate your senses and taste buds. Maybe that’s why many companies are coming up with advanced coffee machines to help you brew the best coffee at home. Recently, New Mexico brothers Jakub and Lukas Svec have combined science with the art of coffee making – all thanks to their Perck 3D printed coffee maker.

The automatic Third Wave coffee machine built with 3D printing technology ensures that every coffee particle gets in contact with water to release best aroma and taste. Using the physics principle of ‘mechanical suspension,’ this unique coffee maker guarantees uniform saturation for every coffee grain.

To be precise, the machine gently lifts, tumbles and separates each coffee grain with water for achieving the best flavor. The machine incorporates a recirculating boiler with a nested infusion chamber to maintain a constant supply of precision-controlled coffee. This way it allows the users to select and maintain the desired brewing temperature within a specific degree

Currently, the Perk prototype is being tested in various coffee bars in the US. Even a Kickstarter campaign has been launched by the makers to raise over $100,000 to get into the production phase. If the project is successful, you may expect your Perk 3D printed coffee machine to be delivered by February 2018.


Perk 3D printed coffee maker


Automatic coffee machine


Based on the principle of physics


Uses mechanical suspension to brew a perfect cup of coffee


The machine ensures each coffee grain gets in contact with water


Precision-controlled coffee machine


Third Wave coffee maker

Via: Designboom

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