Pet Gear Dog Stairs

Pet Gear Wide Dog Stairs

Pet-Loving parents will score brownie points with their dogs, who suffer from joint pains and arthritis if they take home the Pet Gear Dog Stairs. The stairs with wide and convenient incline will help maintain and protect the dog’s joint health. The Pet stairs and ramp will aid your dog access safely hard to reach places, such as sofas, beds etc. and back down from them.

Dogs that constantly jump off sofas, beds, and other furniture can cause unnecessary strain on the joints, which over time, potentially leads to arthritis and joint pains. As with any steps, some dogs may need training using the Pet Gear Dog Stairs, but given its easy flight, your pet may not take long to get accustomed.

The stairs feature removable carpet tread/cover, which can be removed conveniently. The cover is machine washable, while the stair itself can be cleaned easily with hand.

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