Philippe Starck and Brasserie d’Oit launch new artisan ‘Starck Beer’

Renowned French designer Philippe Starck has collaborated with the 340-year-old French brewery, Brasserie d’Oit , to launch his own artisan beer. The Starck Beer With OLT is a crisp, golden adult beverage that’s artisanally brewed with precise dosages and composition. It contains carefully selected raw materials, such as malts from organic farming, as well as, hops and water from the Boraides of the Aubrac region. The result is a carefully fermented and certified organic beer.

The brew is inspired by Indian Pale Ale and offers refreshing taste thanks to a low alcohol content (5.2 %). The recipe is based on a single variety of spring barley, added to three types of hops that develop aromas of citrus, pineapple, and exotic fruits. The beer comes in contemporary, minimalist bottles, which are made in a glass factory of Albi and designed by the celebrated designer himself.

Philippe Starck x Brasseries d’Oit Starck Beer With OLT will be sold by Brasserie d’Oit, however, it is not clear yet when it will be available and how much it will cost you. We tried searching for more information on the Brasserie d’Oit website, but unfortunately, due to our lack of the understanding of French, we couldn’t locate this new artisan beer.

If you understand French, you may find more information on the website. However, Starck beer is being marketed in a selection of restaurants in Paris, including Allard, Café des Arts et Métiers, Carette, Hôtel Costes, Jules Vernes, Meurice, Polissons, as well as in Air France La Première salons.


Philippe Starck x Brasseries d’Oit presents Starck Beer With OLT


French designer’s own artisan beer


Artisanally brewed with precise dosages and composition


Comes in a minimalist bottle design


The bottle has been designed by Philippe Starck

Via: Ladepeche

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