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Philips Hue Lights provide captivating gaming escapade

While watching movie or playing games, we all wish to have some extraordinary lighting system to increase the gaming experience. But we all know, there are no such electrical brands that provide such lighting solution. However, Royal Philips recently flabbergasted game lovers and other clients with splendid lighting fixture for gaming.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, now everything can be connected with each other and taking this as foundation, Philips’ Hue lighting system has been integrated with Xbox game. Royal Philips in collaboration with Frima Studio has added hue synchronizing to its Xbox One platformer Chariot, offering captivating gaming experience.

The lighting system is designed to turn adventurous atmosphere inside your house.  This is because Philips Hue lights can actually reflect whatever is happening in the game to give realistic feel to the players.

During enemy attack the hue will brink red and when plant blooms- the room will reflect the same. It would be great to see your room’s lighting pop-up every time, as per the game you’re playing. Currently, the Philips’ Hue Lighting system is only available with Xbox One, but we can hope to see more gaming and lighting experiments in the future.

Via: Engadget

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